Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are you right brained or left brained?

Find out through these internet quizzes. Your journal assignment today is to spend lab time trying out these questions. Review at least 3 of the quizzes. Write your results in a journal entry. Once you have finished answer the questions below the links.

Here are the links ...

  1. brain type test
  2. hemispheric test
  3. intelliscript quiz
  4. lifescript quiz
  5. mindmedia quiz
  6. brain balance quiz
  7. creativity test
  8. right/left brain quiz for students
  9. brain dominance test
  10. spinning lady picture quiz (more about it here)

Reflection questions:

1. Were your results consistent? Explain why this happened (or why this didn't happen).

2. What do you think it mean to be right brained or left brained? Explain your thoughts in a few sentences. Back up your ideas with research from the internet if you have time.

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